Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Miri It Is

A storm is raging outside, the second in the past four days.

The storm makes me think of the medieval song, Miri It Is. 

Mirie it is while sumer ilast
With fugheles song,
Oc nu necheth windes blast
And weder strong.
Ej! Ej! what this nicht is long,
And ich with wel michel wrong
Soregh and murne and fast.

Merry it is while summer lasts,
With birds in song;
But now there threaten windy blasts
And weather strong.
Ah, but the night is long,
And I, being done such wrong,
Sorrow and mourn and fast.

**By the way this is a truly lovely version of Miri It Is, combined with another medieval song, "Sumer Is Icumen In," which contains the immortal line, "Bullock sterteth, Bucke uerteth" which means, "the bullock starts, the buck farts". They were a lot more down to earth in medieval times...


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