Thursday, 5 January 2017

What Love Means.

(A sonnet)

Love means I love you, though you believe a lie
Yet still I'd die for you to know the truth
Love means I love you though they all ask "why?"
I stretch my arms out, sacrifice my last breath of youth.

Sing, bird, sing, of all your sorrows, sing,
Yet even so, what sorrows you? What do you know?
You grieve because they clipped your exuberant wing!
You wanted to fly but they all told you, no, stay low.

You listened to the lies they told you, my owl so wise,
When they said once this way, always this way,
And now you still think any other would be compromise
Yet you yourself think differently from all the things they say.

There is but One who can help, yes, true! Not me.
Let Jesus' light enlighten thee. Then truth will set you free.

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