Sunday, 5 March 2017

Paper Genders.

Reading another book by Walt Heyer, the man who went through transgender surgery, then transitioned back and ended up getting married to a woman. This book, Paper Genders, is about the purported research behind the transgender phenomenon.

Walt Heyer recounts the history of research into sexuality (Alfred Kinsey and his successors) and unnecessary psychophysical surgery (starting with lobotomies in the early 20th century) and it is a shocking indictment, a history of unnecessary butchery and perverse ideas. You really have to read the book to believe it, and it is well researched and appropriately footnoted.

What really is shocking is that while transgender surgery is touted as the answer to gender dysphoria, yet what is obvious is that other, underlying problems that cause the gender dysphoria to manifest remain untreated. The suicide rate after surgery is very high, and suicide clearly occurs in cases where there is no bullying and only expressions of support from other people, which indicates that it is not the social stigma or bullying but the operation itself/and/or the underlying, untreated mental illness which causes the suicide.

The shocking facts in the book keep coming. The post-operative fate of over 90% of transgenders is unknown, because they lose touch with their doctors. The post-operative attempted suicide rate is 41%, far greater than the general population.

Anyone interested in where we are heading as a society and the truth about what we are told about transgenderism ought to read this book, Paper Genders, by Walt Heyer. Too often these days we are only exposed to one side of an argument, when the other side of any argument sometimes has merit, and sometimes is actually a devastating critique. Truth is truth, facts are facts, but we live in a post-truth world, where unfortunately the simple fact of which gender someone is, a genetically verifiable fact, is being allowed to be swallowed up in lies and propaganda. (Intersex, a medical condition where someone has aspects of both genders, is a completely different condition, btw.)

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