Sunday, 9 July 2017

Self Publishing today

As you may or may not know, essentially my books are self-published. A lot of people have been asking me about this lately, and a few friends have asked for help with self-publishing, so I just thought I would put up a post about self-publishing with a few helpful links.

The first is Smashwords - Smashwords puts your ebook up on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster & Kobo:

As an example, here are my books on the iBookstore, put there by Smashwords:

This is the most important document to read re Smashwords, the Style Guide written by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, because it tells you how to format Word files for smashwords:

*Note Smashwords is pretty easy to use but the process of preparing a .doc file can be a little fiddly. Best thing to do sometimes is strip out all the formatting (on a Mac, paste it into TextEdit and select "Make Plain Text" then select it all and paste into a .doc file.) (Of course, it loses all bold and italics, which can be annoying, but sometimes it's the only way of getting rid of the unwanted formatting Smashwords doesn't like) 

Next of course is Amazon. Through Amazon you can sell physical books and ebooks. Note that the physical books through kdp or Createspace are print on demand - means no up front cost, when someone orders a book Amazon prints one copy to send out to them there and then, and then takes a royalty out of what they were paid for the book and pays you.

To get your ebook onto Amazon you use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing - you can put your ebooks onto Amazon through them, and physical books too now.

This is  Createspace - for putting physical books on Amazon - actually uses the exact same submission requirements for physical books (because Amazon bought Createspace about five years ago, and they are now migrating their system over to their own self-publishing section in

Here is how you create a Createspace and kdp cover template:

This link on Createspace contains lots of other useful info, including the submission requirements for kdp and Createspace (pay especial attention to margins!) :

An afterthought - IngramSparks ~

BTW IngramSparks - they have a printing facility in Sydney so if you're in Australia you can get physical books delivered cheaper through them than Amazon, but it costs around US$49 to publish through them initially:

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